Version 2 is out now!
New features are:

The world’s first Flight Controller  with integrated Video transmitter, OSD and Blackbox.

– price lowered to 72 $
– u.fl antenna connector, pigtail (SMA) comes with the board
– MPU6000 gyro
- jumper to disconnect the vTx
– 3V/5V jumper for camera voltage
– 3V/5V jumper for UART1 and UART3 voltage

High speed SPI bus powered onboard components for ultra low loop-times

     – MicroSD blackbox
     – 200/ 25mW vTX
     – Gyro (8 kHz refresh rate)
     –  latest F3 processor

 6x motor out
 3x fully accessible serial ports (independent from USB)


MSRP 72.00 $  – less wires, less fuzz

compare to a regular setup:
   Black box – 10$
   Video Transmitter – 40$
   Quality F3 Flight Controller (Dodo F3) – 45$
   OSD (like MinimOSD) – 15$

     –> 110$ + wires, soldering, shipping, multiple firmware updates and configurations, etc.

–  ultra slim drone builds
– faster build times with less wires
– easy setup and configuration via Betaflight
 – less components, less weight+space

—> higher durability


upgraded version of Betaflight (target: SIRINFPV)
new features:

  – easy change of video band, channel and power via OSD

OSD Betaflight:
– change OSD layout (drag and drop)
– all features accessible via CLI

Our Awesome Team

Evgeny Sychov (aka Savaga)

The technical genius behind the Sirin board. University degree in electronic engineering and radio technology. Evgeny loves to build things from scratch: antennas, receivers, esc’s you name it. He can literally build a drone from a block of carbon and a bunch of wires.

Christoph Dressel (aka Vanarakama)

Founded and exited several tech and design companies in Europe and the US, in short a serial entrepreneur. He also consults for large corporations all over the world for hard and software projects and works as advisor and mentor for startups and incubators.