The world’s first Flight Controller  with integrated Video transmitter, OSD and Blackbox.

Version 2 is out now! New features are:
– price lowered to 72 $
– u.fl antenna connector, pigtail (SMA) comes with the board
– MPU6000 gyro
– jumper to disconnect the vTx
– 3V/5V jumper for camera voltage
– 3V/5V jumper for UART1 and UART3 voltage


u.fl – SMA pigtail







  •   High speed SPI bus powered onboard 
      components for ultra low loop-times:

         – MicroSD blackbox
         200/ 25mW vTX
         – Gyro (8 kHz refresh rate)
         –  latest F3 processor
  •  6x motor out
  •  3x fully accessible serial ports (independent from USB)


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.50.06 PM


  •   ultra slim drone builds
  •   faster build times with less wires
  •   easy setup and configuration via Betaflight
  •   less components, less weight+space —> higher durability







upgraded version of Betaflight (target: SIRINFPV)

new features:
  – easy change of video band, channel and power via OSD



OSD betaflight
– change OSD layout (drag and drop)
– all features accessible via CLI





MSRP 72.00 $  – less wires, less fuzz

compare to a regular setup:
   Black box – 10$
   Video Transmitter – 40$
   Quality F3 Flight Controller (Dodo F3) – 45$
   OSD (like MinimOSD) – 15$
     –> 110$ + wires, soldering, shipping, multiple firmware updates and configurations, etc.



  • all boards are manufactured in California and hand tested by our US team
  • top quality components
  • tested and evolved by the Silicon Valley top pilots



Evgeny Sychov (aka Savaga)Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.57.46 PM

The technical genius behind the Sirin board. University degree in electronic engineering and radio technology. Evgeny loves to build things from scratch: antennas, receivers, esc’s you name it. He can literally build a drone from a block of carbon and a bunch of wires.


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.57.38 PMChristoph Dressel (aka Vanarakama)

Founded and exited several tech and design companies in Europe and the US, in short a serial entrepreneur. He also consults for large corporations all over the world for hard and software projects and works as advisor and mentor for startups and incubators.